A blog tribute for the fierce Snow Queen Elsa from the oncoming disney movie Frozen. IMPORTANT: this is not a rp blog.
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Love is (literally) an open door

Didn’t include every single door openings, much less closing, because I wanted to list specific ones…so here are my analyses and thoughts on each one:

  • 1st: Love for…the magic? And sisterly bonding time, I think.
  • 2nd: Parental love, concern for their kids
  • 3rd: It’s said multiple times that due to love, Elsa means no harm to anyone
  • 4th: I’ll admit that this gif was based on someone’s interpretation, don’t remember what it was about; I think it mentioned a slight foreshadowing that Anna will fall for Kristoff
  • 5th: Seeking the sisterly love
  • 6th: Even more keeping away for fear of hurting someone
  • 7th: Same thing as above (I read that Marshmallow represents Elsa’s “bad” side; however, I’m not saying she’s actually bad)
  • 8th: Olaf is supposed to be a symbol of Anna and Elsa’s love for one another, so love finds Anna!

Notice that I didn’t include the actual Love Is an Open Door song because, well, Hans is no true love!

Oh, Anna… no…no, please no.


Frozen by maya on pixiv


Frozen by maya on pixiv

Frozen + colors



Frozen + sass


One of the things in this world that turns me into a blood-thirsty furious beast is when a favorite character of yours, after a long time of trials, hard situations and character development which made him/her shape into the character you adore, gets reverted back to his original personality in a matter of milliseconds.

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I'm coming home, I'm coming home.

like we’re made of starlight


>Exercise by

Maxiv - pivix

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Sass Master Elsa - We were then shown another alternate version of the confrontation with different dialogue. After Elsa refuses to give the marriage her blessing Anna insists she doesn’t need her blessing anyway shouting “You’re not my mother!” to which Elsa replies “I may not be your mother, but I am your queen.” It was a very sassy exchange that generated lots of “Oohs” and “Ahs” from the audience [x]



"Well, yes… And apparently, now I have powers. Care to explain?"